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Scrapbooking involves various specific events.

A Specific theme means there is a limited scope and number of scrapbook pages. A themed scrapbook could be about - family, vacations, wedding, marriage & mehendi functions, baby shower / baby’s first year, school or holidays.

The theme is carried out through the entire scrapbooking album with the colors and layout ideas.

An ongoing - theme scrapbook records events that continue over a period of time. These require removal and addition of scrapbooking pages.

Life albums, hobby albums, and child development are all ongoing themes.

Before you start you will need to choose a theme. Make sure that you have all of your scrap book supplies together.At the studio we facilitate your album making by providing supplies in Album Kits. It is a good idea to sort out your photographs in chronological order or eventwise.

Some theme ideas :
Bold and lively ---- great for boys and events
Adventure -holidays and travel
Bright and cheerful -great for girls
Celebrate -ideal for parties

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