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Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your family stories and memories.
Plus,you get the added benefit of making new friends and expressing yourself creatively.Making scrapbook pages that effectively show off your favorite photographs is fun,and its easier than you might think.

More than 100 creative ideas including door hangers, picture frames, small and larger photo collage kits to adorn your walls. Handmade paper albums to use as "Guest Books" , memory books or Scrapbook photo albums to preserve your photos. Each product kit includes pre cut paper pieces and embellishments. It makes a perfect gift. Follow the instructions that come with the kit and personalise the project using your creativity.

We stock a large range of craft materials suitable for scrapbooking including stickers, foamies, brads, chipboard frames and tags and much more………..

Inspire creativity with easy, pre-packaged craft kits for ages 1-16 years.

Make a versatile personalized photo album using a modern color palette with fresh, contemporary appeal.

Great for seasonal photos, special occasions, anytime really!

Happy memories, darling photos, and fun chipboards add up to a fabulous (mini) album! Come to the studio for a sneak peek at just one of the fun albums .Mini albums are a perfect place to store your memories, as shown by Kreating Keepsakes. In fact, we have albums in all sizes including handmade paper, special scrapbook imported albums and last but not least albums with themes. We'd love to have you join us!

We have albums in the following categories:

  • Holiday
  • Special events: Birthday, baby, anniversary, wedding, etc.
  • Useful books: Address books, birthday books, homework trackers.
  • Destinations: Show off your latest vacation, road trip, business trip, or even your "stay-ca-tion".
  • Fabric albums
  • Brag books
  • Home: What makes your home special to you? Celebrate where you live in a special album.
  • Family: Showcase your family members' personalities.

8x8’ Family Photobook.
20 pre printed layouts packaged with embellishments  @ Rs.950/-

8x8 Vacation Photo books
20 pre printed  layouts sides with embellishments @.Rs.950/- per book


8x11 Travel Scrapbook style Photo Book
20 preprinted for 40 photos with a complete embellishment kit costs Rs 1100/-. Simple Scrapbook  book with embellishment pack costs Rs 610/-

Aplhabet Stickers Baby Stickers
Chipboard Alphabet 1 Chipboard Alphabet 2
Chipboard Alphabet 3 Chipboard Alphabet 4
Chipboard Alphabet 5 Chipboard Baby
Chipboard Love n Fun Chipboard Party n Family
Metal Charms Metal Charms
Wedding & Family  
Chipboard Stickers, scrapbook stickers Chipboard Stickers, scrapbook stickers
Album Theme :
Baby Boy Baby Boy
Album Theme :
Baby Girl
Chipboard Stickers, scrapbook stickers
Album Theme:
Growing Years
Album Page Kit:
Themes available are Party, Baby, Football & Vacation.
Chipboard Stickers, scrapbook stickers
Album Theme:
Small Love theme album
Foam Frames
Photo Mini Album Small Photo Collage (8x11'')
Large Photo Collage (12x12'') Scrapbook Album in a Keepsakes box the album is 8x8'' with 10 page protected sheets.
Post bound scrapbook photo album with 10 sheets. 12x12'' in size 12x12'' ivory album (wedding theme), complete with embellishments and pattern papers 10 page-protected sheets
12x12'' Scrapbook Photo Album, with 10 page-protected sheets. Inner pages of Scrapbook Photo album, with top loading sheets which can be pulled out to scrapbook the page.
Christmas Photo Frame Kit Single Photo Frame Kit
Double Photo Frame Kit Photo Bag
Door Hanger
Size is 4" X 12"

3D Stickers , used for card  making and scrapbooking


3D Stickers , used for card  making and scrapbooking

Baby Boy Chipboard sticker


Chipboard Pet Dog theme Stickers

Chipboard Pet Dog theme Stickers

Metal Chipboard Wedding Sticker


You'll find an unbeatable variety of affordable activities perfect for:

Classroom projects
Birthday parties and more!

baby kit, baby scrapbook Baby Embellishment Kit to enhance your Baby's album includes BABY die-cuts, buttons, ribbons, clips, brads,and other paper punch outs.

At the Kreating Keepsakes Design Studio we stock fabulous, imported designer Scrapbook photo albums and handmade paper books suitable for your scrapbooking projects. Since each album is different, our collection is limited in stock. Keepsakes Album Box with all you need to make a scrapbooked photo album
Contains Pattern papers, solid sheets, stickers, alphabets , photo frames and other embellishments

School Years Album to save your Child's growing years memories. Includes printed papers, stickers,alphabets and other embellishments

Scrapbook kits by Kreating Keepsakes
bring innovation and style to your favourite themes. Quick and easy with beautifully coordinated papers, stickers and dimensional embellishments. Find these kits and half the work is done for you.

Learn new techniques while creating different projects and varied page layouts.

Marketed and sold under the brand name of Kreating Keepsakes.
Products: Digital imaging layouts, stationery for scrap booking, Foam products, Paper products.
Publications-with kits.
Ready to make Scrapbook Kits-Album making, Desk frames, Photo collages, Card-kits, Picture frames, Door hangers.

All products available in colors with various papers and embellishments and instruction sheet for you to create a wonderful Keepsake

Enquire for Bulk purchases /Special offers / workshop timings

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